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What should I do to organise a funeral

What should I do?

If someone dies at home, your GP will organise a medical certificate confirming the cause of death

When a person dies in hospital, the doctor on duty there will issue the medical certificate. 

You are required to register the death with your local registrar within five days.

An appointment will be required for this and you must have the medical certificate with you.

The registrar will then give you a green form called The Registrar’s Certificate for Burial or Cremation, which you will need to pass on to your funeral director, your funeral director needs this, along with the form of authorisation to collect the deceased from a hospital mortuary, but you can instruct the Funeral Director of your choice regarding the funeral arrangements before you register if you wish.

In the event of a sudden or unexpected death, the Coroner’s Office will be informed and a post mortem may need to be carried out to establish the cause of death. It is important to let your funeral director know if this is the case.

Coffins & Caskets

We offer a wide range of traditional and bespoke coffins from Veneered oak wood to wicker, cardboard to glitter and personalised coffins.

Cremated remains caskets and scatter tubes are also available.

The scatter tubes can be personalised with photographs, while memory teddy bears are available with a ribbon inscribed with wording of your choice.

Also available are bespoke urns, produced by a local potter, glazed to your preference, memorial plates cups and mugs.

Chapel of Rest

Our Chapel of Rest provides a calm and tranquil environment where family and friends can visit their loved one prior to the day of the funeral. You can stay as long as you need and it is wheelchair accessible.

A small gathering for a service prior or after a funeral

sometimes the wishes of the person was that an unattended funeral was their choice, having a farewell the day before ior after the cremation or burial in the chapel can be of great comfort for family